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We have one aim - improving clients' profits by controlling the intangible factors that generate profit.  Apply our System as intended and follow our consulting advice.  That causes the positive results that follow.


Our consultants complete a year of training to become a "Certified Diaplan Consultant".  They advise on operational, financial and human resources issues.  Our Tools/Black Ink Bank are accessible online 24/7 via our private server. 


Joe Cox founded Diaplan Technologies LLC as a behavioral R&D firm in 1983.  Joe's ninth book, "Nail it Today with Both Hands"  traces discoveries and research findings underpinning the Diaplan System.  The System strongly complements CFO's objectives. Listen to Joe's recent podcast on Apple iTunes: 

Joe met and married his life mate, Regina Rodriguez, while working in Latin America.  Regina is Diaplan's Co-Owner and Director of Operations.  She has a doctorate in occupational health with two decades of executive experience in OD and HR consulting. Regina serves our global network of consultants and clients.  


Other consulting firms can't reproduce Diaplan's results.  A single meeting with us unveils insights you won't learn elsewhere.  We confront the non-obvious - the secret for doubling your net profit. 

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Before certifications in The Third Bucket, your executive team takes ownership of upcoming changes.  A Certified Diaplan Consultant conducts four weekly 1-2 hour teleconferences with them in preparation for launch. 


Client broadcasts the initiative favoring staff. Then, we survey staffs' and managers' feelings about 34 validated work needs. 

Certifications follow where we unveil Manager's Coaching Reports. Personal Development tracks are created from metrics.  

Analytics raise awareness of behavior that elicits red or black ink from staff.  Managers shift from instincts to skills.  Our Corporate Reports validate impact on profit.