2-Day Leader Certification to Max Out Profit from The Third Bucket

Certified managers control the inputs that generate profit.  They demonstrate their financial contribution - to the dollar.



Behavioral Economics (Demand/Supply)

Clients spend money with the vendor who meets their needs. Staff expend effort for the manager who meets their needs.

Managers have agendas; often are unaware of staffs' needs or are apathetic.  Over time, unmet needs accumulate.  Staff push back: "You don't care about my needs; I don't care about your goals."  That's disengagement.

Engagement (discretionary effort) is measured by the Productivity Index (PI) - the ratio of payroll to revenues.  Certified managers control that analytic.  Higher individual output means fewer staff are needed for the work at hand.  Payroll costs decline. Profit rises.


Why Us?

  • Most firms only manage Buckets 1 & 2 (margins and expenses). Bucket 3 generates as much profit as buckets 1 and 2 - when managed with our System. 

  • System components include The Third Bucket of Profit Certification, assessment and development instruments and expert consulting.

  • Investment in the System is a small fraction of additional profits accruing to clients who institutionalize the Diaplan system. 

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